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Birth Doula Resources

Updated: 2 days ago

Whether this is your first child or your next, giving birth can be a topic that leads to so many questions. In the days ahead, I'll be adding more details to this and the other Resources pages, but in the interim, here are some links I've collected that you might find of interest:

  • Birth It Forward // A Kansas City-based doula non-profit organization that works to provide evidence-based support, education and advocacy to birth workers, families and the community through the pregnancy, birth and the postpartum periods. Services are available on a sliding scale, and all purchased services help us to provide no-cost support to those in need.

  • Contraction Timer // No specific recommendation here, other than to visit your mobile app store and find one you like. Being able to hit a button on your phone as you breathe through contractions is much easier than remembering to look at the clock and keep track of pen and paper as you move around during your labor.

  • Count the Kicks // Counting your baby's movements in your 3rd trimester and tracking trends in movement can help you spot potential issues well before they become dire medical emergencies. Consider downloading an app to help you count and track!

  • Charlie's House // It's important to do all you can within your home to prevent accidents, especially as your little one begins moving around. Charlie's House offers free tours and education on things you can do in your own home to help keep your children safe.

  • Fathers Assisting Mothers // Also known as the Doula Dad, FAM is a brilliant resource dedicating to preparing expectant fathers to be ready for childbirth. Active on Instagram, FAM offers videos and interviews that are both educational and entertaining!

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