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Birth Logs

Updated: 5 days ago

Herein lies a record of the variety of births as I have attended. All names and other identifying characteristics are omitted for privacy reasons.

Birth 1 - First time birth, both parents present and active in prenatal education. Going in, the intention was to try to birth without any medication. Despite regular changes in position and plenty of movement, labor stalled and birthing person reached a point of fatigue and pain in which they opted for an epidural. Nausea (unrelated to the epidural) was also experienced. Ultimately baby emerged, and was discovered to be OP (aka Sunny Side Up), explaining partially why birth was a bit more difficult or prolonged than initially anticipated. All parties were healthy and happy at the end. Total birth-day doula time spent in hospital: 14 hours.

Birth 2 - First time birth, single birthing person with pre-existing medical issues that led to induction at 38 weeks. Induction started at 8pm on a Monday, doula support requested midday Tuesday. Baby ultimately born Wednesday early afternoon, additional support time spent following birth. Intention was to take pain medication decisions one step at a time, with a hope for an unmedicated birth. Labor was slow to progress, though was far enough along that by the time birthing person requested an epidural or IV pain meds, birth was impending. The choice to try nitrous oxide was made and that helped to ease tension of birthing person and the birth commenced. Lessons learned from this birth - not all hospital staff will be current on requests related to infant interventions. Should there be a request to delay cord-cutting or hold off on eye ointment or vitamin K, ensure everyone present during the birth is aware of these requests and adheres to them. All parties happy and healthy at the end. Total birth-day doula time spent in hospital: 28 hours.

Birth 3 - First time birth, both parents present and active in prenatal education. Concerns around insurance coverage changing soon led to elective induction at 40 weeks 2 days after no spontaneous labor. Birthing partner was solidly supportive, and doula advocacy around not upping pitocin without cause was heeded. Birth ultimately commenced, everyone healthy and happy at the end. Total birth-doula time spent in hospital: 6 hours.

Birth 4 - First time birth, both parents present and active in prenatal education. Baby discovered to be in breech position and inversion attempts were unsuccessful. Elective Caesarean was decided. Birthing couple reported to hospital at 4am, doulas reported in at 5:30am. Procedure scheduled for 7am, and was completed as scheduled, no complications. All parties healthy and happy at end. Baby latched on like a champ. Lesson learned here was that even when doula isn't present at the actual birth (only the birthing partner was allowed in the OR), having doulas present and holding space for you can help to reduce anxiety and worry, plus knowing you have caring people waiting to greet you and the little one immediately following leads to a positive experience. Total birth-doula time spent in hospital: 3 hours.

Hospitals attended at:

  • Advent Health (75th St): 1

  • Menorah Medical Center: 2

  • St Luke's on the Plaza: 1

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